I’m a Composer for Film, Games, and Media. The Huffington Post called my music, “compelling, captivating, and worth exploring.

Given my training in classical piano and music theory since the age of 5, I’m supposed to be classically-trained, but “classical” is not how I would describe myself. Through my teenage years, I joined a few local bands playing a variety of genres and artists, from the Beatles to Dream Theater.

After winning the 6th “Città di Pavia” International Composition Contest, chaired by Luciano Chailly, I studied both Composition at the Conservatory of Milan and Computer Science at the University of Milan. I’ve been Program Director of the Screen Music Program, Executive Director of the highSCORE Festival since 2010, and President of the “F. Vittadini” Conservatory of Music from 2010 to 2013. I’ve been selected by the European Commission in Brussels as Expert both in the MEDIA and in the Culture programs.

In 2015, I formed the instrumental rock musical collective Armonite. The first producer of Muse, Paul Reeve, accepted the offer to produce my album “The Sun is New each Day” with mastering at the Abbey Road Studios in London.

The Big Takeover went so far as to call my work, “A creation almost unlike anything else being made today.” The Seattle Post-Intelligencer compared my music to a musical kaleidoscope, as if “Liberace, Mozart, and Canada’s Rush got together for a jam session,” but I’ve also been defined as captivating and disturbing: “Like many cases of madness, the brilliance is evident.” (Vents Magazine).

After specializing in film scoring, I composed the music for On The Front Line, a docufilm about the front line told through the lens of thirteen photojournalists, Flatten Island, the app of Video Games Without Borders supporting the fight against Covid-19, E-114, the award-winning web series directed by Matteo Balsamo, three casual games published by Steam and Big Fish Games, a dozen of short movies, and a theater production, before LA-based label Cleopatra Records approached me to distribute Armonite’s new album “And the Stars above”, which has been presented in Japan with a 5 concert tour. My instrumental music is perfectly in line with the spirit of the label, as Cleopatra expanded in the movie industry with the new division Cleopatra Entertainment.

With my track Blue Curaçao, I’ve been awarded an Honorable Mention both in the Instrumental and Performance categories at the International Songwriting Competition 2017 from a committee including Tom Waits, Lorde, Bastille, Billy Cobham, Ziggy Marley, Don Omar, and Keane.

With Armonite, I toured Italy, Switzerland, UK, and Japan. The band has also published the videos of a few soundtrack renditions from the most popular movies and video games.

I’ve been awarded the “Ivano Becchi” Professional Award endowed by the Banca del Monte di Lombardia Foundation. From time to time, I write about video game music on a few specialized magazines.

I am and always have been an obsessed and avid movie, series, and pop culture consumer, a tech nerd, a hardcore gamer, and a good reader.